Was it a good idea do start this email list?

Yes. Even if at the moment I have only 4 subscribers and 3 of them are my own self with different email addresses. (social proof at its best haha)

You see I am not interested in having a huge following starting out (that’s not even realistic). It might be of huge value when having anything to sell. But I have not. Nichts! Nada!

A few days ago my good friend Mattis Rogers (@OvercomingSelf on Twitter) told me he was going to start an email list.

Don’t ask me why or how but on that moment something shifted in my mentality.

Now, I too wanted a list to express the thoughts trapped in my mind for so long.

Adding to that, I read the other day on twitter that the great ecom ninja Nate Schmidt (@schm7dt) started to write daily emails when he was learning copywriting. And guess what…

That’s where I’m at.

Everyday I’m learning copywriting and storytelling.


Because these two skills move mountains and transform lives.

Until next time,
— Hugo


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