Advice on how to find clients isn’t short on the web. Everyone I follow on twitter seems to have something to say about this matter.

They all say that is much simpler than a beginner thinks.

Beginners tend to overthink what they don’t know.

Sometimes we feel that what we want to achieve cannot be that simple, otherwise everyone would do it and everyone would be swimming in a pool of $$$.

That’s a wrong assumption. (I’m still working on my limiting beliefs)

Yesterday, on Twitter @ComedicBizman and @SanchizeUnfltrd shared advice that I needed some time for it to sink in. (I had to read it 4 times)

This advice may be the least mentioned when talking about finding clients for copywriting gigs but I think it suits my personality better than the conventional advice I hear most people talking about.

Let’s go.

Step #1: google a sub-niche of your main niche

For example if we’re on the health niche we can search by ‘cbd oil’

We get millions of pages.

Step #2: go to page 3 of search results

Click every result and look around the website and try to find a page you can rewrite the copy.

It can be any page like a landing page, sales page, lead magnet, anything that the purpose is generating revenue.

Step #3: rewrite a portion of the copy

After you’ve found the page, rewrite a portion of it using every copywriting tool you’ve got.

Step #4: cold email your pitch

Get an email address of someone who is one of the decision makers of that company and pitch them your services and include the sample you wrote. Say you could continue the killer job and rewrite the rest of the page/pages.

Rinse and repeat …

Step #999 – move to page 2 (pages with more authority)

After clearing out page 3 and getting some gigs, do the same for page 2 and include testimonials and samples from your previous (page 3) work.

That’s it. The not-typical advice on how to pitch copywriting services.

Until next time,

P. S. Some months ago I decided to be brave and pursue my dream of making money online. I bought Tej Dosa’s course on How To Invent (from scratch) 6 Figure Promotions. The course is a simple 3-part process anyone can go through. You should do it too. Timid was the old me. But not now. And certainly not in the future.


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