Two days ago I got my toilet replaced.

I have now a new shiny one where I had a cracked rusty old toilet before.


I bought the toilet 1 month ago at a store nearby but I kept it boxed… until 2 days ago.

During that time I seriously considered doing the job of replacing the old toilet for the new one.

Don’t confuse me. I am no plumber.

But I am curious and heard women are attracted to guys who know how to do these kinds of jobs. (As a hobby, guys. Not full time!)

I considered it for a while (read: days). But then I thought:

How much time will it take to replace the toilet?

I dunno!

I’ve never done it before, neither I’ve seen anyone do it.

I thought and thought some more.

And finally got to the simple conclusion: I have no idea. Can’t even make a rough estimation.

And now comes the reason why I’m writing this email…

How much is your time worth?

I’m sure I could figure things out and replace the toilet. But it would take me days, for sure.

And when I think about it I get uncomfortable. Why?

Because I could be doing many other things that would improve my life long term.

Such as working out, writing, studying copywriting, pitching to clients.

You see what I mean.

Time’s running out

You’ll get to a point in your life when you’ll have 2 choices:

  1. use time to get money
  2. use money to get time

In my case I chose the second option, and decided to hire someone that could do the job in a couple of hours. I traded my money with his time.

BTW, it’s very simple to know when to use 1 or 2.

The heuristic is as follows:
–> When young, use time to get money
–> When older, use money to get time.

You absolutely need to know when to invest time and when to invest money.


It can make you live a good life. Or make you live a life of regret.

Choose wisely.

See you next time,

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