Keep pushing, keep grinding, keep hustling. Is this kind of discipline needed?

Yesterday I was browsing my Google Drive and noticed a file, from last year, named “Violence”

At that moment, inumerable thoughts came up my mind.

Thoughts about quitting. Of not following through. Of not keep going when things are tough.

These thoughts reminded me of missed opportunities, and failed attempts to do something memorable.

You know, if I’m honest and look at my life with a critical eye, I see that every moment of contentment was preceded with struggle.

Does feeling content comes just from the relief of struggle coming to an end?

I think not. It’s deeper than that.

My view is that feeling good with life comes from the confidence we feel when we go through a struggle and come out alive and a better person.

It’s what I feel everytime I go through any challenge. (and be able to follow through)

I leave you with this thought:

You only feel content when you’re confident. And you’re only confident when you know you go through the struggles of life and come out alive.

Today, when you feel the resistance of abandoning something. Think deeply. It might be a chance to step up your game and raise your confidence.

See you next time,

PS: btw the file I found named “Violence” had some notes I wrote about a book called ‘When Violence is the Answer’ (great book). Thoughts came to my mind because I started reading the book but never finished. Likewise a million other projects.

PPS: If you’re going to read a book about violence, just read the whole book until the end. You never know if it might save your life. (this is a reminder to myself)


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