11 headlines that convert

A headline can make or break a product. We can have the most awesome product, with the latest technology, solving one of our market’s pain points.

If we don’t tell people about the product, we fail miserably.

When I was researching about headlines I came across a document created by Jason Rutkowski listing 11 high converting headlines in the Health niche (Jason’s niche).

This information comes straight from the trenches and…

you can apply it TODAY.

Below are these 11 headlines with a short explanation.

Let’s go!

#1 – New

Who doesn’t want better things? New often means better, or at least, different from what we are used to. It’s human nature to want that new appliance for our kitchen or that new digital camera.

We hope that the new thing will solve the problem we have struggled with for so long. New, means opportunity, hope, and abundance.

#2 – Hidden / Secret

Do you want to know a secret? I’ll tell you in a moment…

We are attracted to information that is not known to the common people. Why? Because that secret information can contain the solution to our pressing problem.

This headline works so well because we are naturally curious. Also, we can brag to our friends that we know something they don’t!

#3 – Compelling Story

Besides being creatures of habit, we are also creatures of stories. Some people firmly defend that humans only survived until this day because their ability to tell stories. Our love for stories is deeply rooted in DNA.

Oh, and the most charismatic people are always the best storytellers.

#4 – Attack the Common Solution

To every problem there is a solution most people agree with. Scientists tell us what we should believe and we end up accepting it because there’s no other option.

But when we hear someone saying that the solution we assumed as best is not correct, we want to listen. They have our full attention. Maybe there’s a chance this new information will turn into the new common solution.

#5 – Big Proof Element

Big claims demand big proof. When we hear something and get the feeling of “this is too good to be true”, we want to see BIG proof.

When a widely known institution, such as Harvard, announces a breakthrough discovery we feel much more convinced than if the same discovery was announced by someone nobody knows about. Words like Harvard, Nobel Prize Winner, Physicist, M.D., or PhD, are words that transmit the big proof element.

#6 – Give It a Name

When we write copy that involves scientific jargon we can use this technique. We take the complicated words and say them in a different, much simpler, way.

People who read the new words feel much more connected to what’s being said, because we are speaking in a way people understand.

#7 – Case Study

Case studies are a great way to show how someone was able to fix a problem with our product. They can be even more powerful if the subject is a real person with the same struggles as the reader.

The full text should take the reader from “how the person knew they had a problem” to “how he was able to finally live problem-free because of our product”.

#8 – Connect Weird Thing to Health Benefit/Problem

Weird things are something that captures reader’s attention. Then, we can do one of two things:

  • link to a problem – the weird thing is causing the problem
  • link to a benefit – the weird thing is the solution to the problem

#9 – Audience Participation

A quiz challenge the readers to take action and interact with the ad. We all want to be right and when someone challenges us with a question we don’t shy away from answering it.

Of course, to know the answer the reader has to continue reading the ad, which will lead him to our product.

#10 – Exotic Location

We want to go on vacation to exotic locations because it make us feel special. These locations are full of cliches and stereotypes.

Japan is associated with longevity. Italy is associated with a healthy diet.  Holland is associated with Tulips (and smoking weed!).

A product linked to a location benefits automatically of the (hopefully) good cliche.

#11 – Conspiracy/Hoax/Myth

All of us have a set of beliefs. And when someone challenge them, saying they are conspiracies, we listen!


Above I wrote an introduction to these 11 headline themes used in high-converting ads. Please read the full document to get a much more in-depth explanation.

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